RASILE group


Rasile Group consists, among others, of Dasym Invest­ment Strate­gies and Freedom­Lab. Dasym is active in the field of invest­ments, while Freedom­Lab focuses on inno­vation and creating dis­rup­tive business models. These worlds can collide, but we believe that a close coope­ration between the two companies leads to the smar­test invest­ments, the best strate­gies and even­tually the most added value for our clients, inves­tors and other stake­holders. This is why we now go by the name of Rasile Group, after the Latin word “rasilis”, meaning “polished” as a result of friction. Together, Dasym and FreedomLab form a unique combi­nation of commer­cial clout and trans­for­mative creati­vity.


Dasym is an independent, re­search-driven investment com­pany head­quartered in Naarden, the Nether­lands, with offices in Los Angeles and Shanghai. Dasym offers a broad range of invest­ment solu­tions and ser­vices and has both a deep under­stan­ding of, and a strong foot­print in, the Telecom, Media, Tech­no­logy (TMT), enter­tain­ment and other consumer-rela­ted sectors.

FreedomLab is a think tank that conducts research on the future of technology, economics, politics, and society. They provide consultancy services to clients with a strong ambition to be ahead of the curve: Trend Labs, Scenario Labs, research reports, red teaming, and lectures.

Dalpha creates neighbor­hoods that are sustainable for users and provide a higher long-term return for property owners. How Dalpha does that? Using fundamental research and practical solutions, we transform retail, office and living spaces into exciting new places for future generations.


Flevolaan 41-A
1411 KC Naarden
The Netherlands
P.O. Box 5081
1410 AB Naarden
The Netherlands
e info@rasile‑group.com
t +31 – (0)35 695 90 90
f +31 – (0)35 695 90 44
Flevolaan 41-A P.O. Box 5081
1411 KC Naarden 1410 AB Naarden
The Netherlands The Netherlands
e info@rasile-group.com
t +31 – (0)35 695 90 90
f +31 – (0)35 695 90 44
Rasile Group is entered in the Trade Register of the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce under number 32136988.